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Images used on the Home Page

Details from the following images appear on the home page.

Photograph of Rosa Parks
Copyright: Getty Images News
Rosa Parks gets Congressional Gold Medal.
Photograph of the Great Wall of China
Copyright: AFP
Chinese tourists move through the gates of the Great Wall of China.
Photograph of Nefertari Tomb Scenes
Copyright: National Geographic
Nefertari Tomb Scenes, Valley Of The Queens, Egypt.
Photograph of Nefertiti
Copyright: AFP
Bust of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.
Painting of Simon Bolivar
Copyright: Hulton Archive
Simon Bolivar.
Photograph of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid at Giza
Copyright: Bridgeman Art Library
The Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza.
Photograph of a figurehead from a Viking longship
Copyright: Bridgeman Art Library
Figurehead from a Viking longship.
Image of dragon detail from a pair of wine cups
Copyright: Bridgeman Art Library
Pair of wine cups, depicting five-clawed dragons in pursuit of flaming pearls, Guangxu mark and period 1875-1908.
Image from the York Psalter
Copyright: Bridgeman Art Library
Image from the York Psalter.
Photograph of soldiers wearing gas masks
Copyright: Hulton Archive
Austrian soldiers in the trenches demonstrating their gas masks (June 1916).
Picture of Emperor Qianlong
Copyright: Hulton Archive
Emperor Qianlong of China.
Photograph of members of the Black Panther movement
Copyright: Getty Images
Members of the Black Panther movement.
Picture of Sir John A. MacDonald, First Prime Minister of Canada
Copyright: Hulton Archive
> Sir John A. MacDonald, First Prime Minister of Canada.
Picture of Chartres Cathedral
Copyright: Hulton Archive
Chartres Cathedral.
Picture of tanks in action
Copyright: Hulton Archive
Tanks in action.
Munitions recruitment poster
Copyright: Hulton Archive
Make Munitions recruitment poster.
Photograph of 1963 march on Washington
Copyright: Getty Images
March on Washington, 1963.
Picture of George Washington
Copyright: Hulton Archive
George Washington.